Tag: Social Media

  • Online Virals

    Online Virals

    Examples: MyFriendsHotel.com, Resultcc.com, BlinkCollective.com Video Samples: Objective: To clearly communicate corporate messages in a concise and engaging manner. Role: Producer, Animation, Video Editor, Script, Music Skills: Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Felt Tips

  • Online Communities

    Online Communities

    Examples: Blink Collective, My Friends Hotel Objective: Identify the target audience, create suitable content, make content sociable, track interactions, build the brand and drive social engagement. Role: Project Manager, Community Evangelist, Social Media Strategy Skills: Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, ‘Social’ Content

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Example: My Friends Hotel Objective: Raise awareness of the website, drive engagement and maximise share-ability. Filmed using a webcam and given a 70’s vibe for continuity of feel. Role: Social Media Guru (2009-2011) Skills: Strategy, Bloging, Twitter (2500+ followers at peak), Facebook, YouTube