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  • Product Innovation

    Product Innovation

    Example: The X Factor Interactive Game (Client – Syco TV / FremantleMedia / TalkbackThames) Objective: To duplicate the X Factor as an interactive game for fans and non-fans alike. To write questions for all age groups, to only use music clips that total no more than the specified legal limit, whilst ensuring that the video…

  • Web Project Management

    Web Project Management

    Examples: MyFriendsHotel.com, BlinkCollective.com Objective: To plan, arrange staffing, direct the product vision, set and measure KPIs, innovate, review and test the projects as they evolve from idea to reality. Role: Chief Product Officer Skills: Hybrid – Agile / Waterfall Project Management, Collaborative and Virtual Team Management, Version Control and Virtual Asset Management.

  • Online Marketplaces

    Online Marketplaces

    Examples: MyFriendsHotel.com, BlinkCollective.com Objective: Build an online marketplace and booking system to allow members to add and edit content in addition to accepting bookings, messages and payments. This is a much more complex project than a single sided booking system or an online shop. Role: Business Concept, Project Management, Website Development Skills: Business Development, Product…

  • DVD Bonus Material

    DVD Bonus Material

    Example: The World at War (Thames Television / FremantleMedia)