5 Star Review!

“Superb, impossible to fault in terms of design, content and features. Bookmark it now!”

WebUser Magazine
Design and Build a community marketplace for Experiences.
Web Design, Website Development, Blog Content, Social Media Strategy
Skip A Blink Ltd

It was a great surprise when Webuser Magazine let us know that BlinkCollective.com was featured in their magazine. It was a greater surprise to be the ‘Best New Website’ and even more rewarding to know that we’d beaten off competition that included:
Amazon, Last.fm, The Gadget Show and even Rio 2016’s new Olympic website.

Large Scale Websites

MyFriendsHotel.com, BlinkCollective.com
To create ‘collaborative consumption’ websites for users to add and edit content, to manage booking and onsite communications.
Product Development, Creative Direction, Project Management, Design, Quality Control, Social Media, Staffing, Business Development
Wireframing, Asset Management, Testing, Photoshop, CSS, Sales and Marketing, Social Media

Product Innovation

The X Factor Interactive Game (Client – Syco TV / FremantleMedia / TalkbackThames)
To duplicate the X Factor as an interactive game for fans and non-fans alike. To write questions for all age groups, to only use music clips that total no more than the specified legal limit, whilst ensuring that the video content covers all series, remains diverse and interesting when the game is played multiple times whilst not surpasing a limited memory storage capacity.

“I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of the X Factor, but I have to say I really enjoyed this. I have a friend who’s a reviewer who leant me the disc, and I have to say it’s probably the slickest DVD game I’ve ever played.
Sticking closely to the format of the show (taking you through the individual rounds to the final), the gameplay was nice and varied with a lot of clips and trivia, both about the show and music in general.
Playing this with my young nieces, I really liked the fact that the first 3 rounds get you lives in the grand final, as even though their music knowledge wasn’t the best (they are 4 and 8 after all!), it meant that they could be involved all the way to the end – in other games their enjoyment would have ended within 5 minutes, which was most definitely not the case here.
All in all, a great family game, which I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Concept, Structure, Content, Project Manager, Producer, Approval, Staffing
Understanding the Audience / Objectives, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Time and Budget Management

Web Project Management

MyFriendsHotel.com, BlinkCollective.com
To plan, arrange staffing, direct the product vision, set and measure KPIs, innovate, review and test the projects as they evolve from idea to reality.
Chief Product Officer
Hybrid – Agile / Waterfall Project Management, Collaborative and Virtual Team Management, Version Control and Virtual Asset Management.

Online Marketplaces

MyFriendsHotel.com, BlinkCollective.com
Build an online marketplace and booking system to allow members to add and edit content in addition to accepting bookings, messages and payments. This is a much more complex project than a single sided booking system or an online shop.
Business Concept, Project Management, Website Development
Business Development, Product Development, Community Engagement, Marketing, Budget Management, Wireframing, Photoshop, HTML, PHP, CSS

Video Production

Skilates – Pilates for Skiers & Snowboarders
Create a ski / fitness DVD with a unique format, filmed in Verbier Switzerland. Film professional freeride skier Nick Southwell and pro-freeride snowboarder Johno Verity in the gym as they learn Pilates and it’s benefits for snow sports. Create a 45 minutes, multi-camera, fitness program with 3 participants, in addition to interviews with leading coaches and instructors on the slopes.
Co-producer, Cameraman, Interviewer, Editor, Distribution
HD Video Cemera (Sony A1 / Z1, Canon 100), Final Cut Pro

Content Creation

To create interesting, repeat consumption content with high production values for the target audience.
Producer, Director, Researcher, Cameraman, Editor, Animation
A Curious Mind, Project Management, Filming, Editing, Design, Creative Direction, Research, Budget Management, Resourcefulness, Problem Solving, People Management, Asset management and the list goes on…

Video Editing

“The Best Job In the World”
Create a fun, informative and engaging 1 mintue video entry to compete against 30 000 aplicants for ‘The best Job in the World’. This video was edited from 18 hours of material and has text titles adding more content to the application to make the video feel fresh when watched over again.
Camera Man, Editor
HDV Filming (Sony A1), Final Cut Pro

DVD Bonus Material

The World at War (Thames Television / FremantleMedia)
Create a commemorative 30 Anniversary DVD box set for The World At War. Project manage the 34 hour, 13 disc set, and create episode specific special meterial researched from the Imperial War Museum. Research and unarchive unseen material form Imerperial War Meuseum Film Archive at Duxford. Produce, film, interview and edited a 2 hour ‘Making Of’ special feature programme.
DVD Producer, Creative Director, Content Creator, Interviewer, Camerman, Editor
Project Management, Budget Management, Creative Direction, Quality Control

Packaging Design

5 Item Product Range for Molmo
Create a brand name, logo, design style and finished packaging in a very tight two day deadline. Design a ‘standout’ look whilst compromised by not having the product or photographs to work with.
Concept, Design
Illustrator, Photoshop, Felt Tip Pens!

Filmed Interviews

Various – Interview mash-up / Rude Boy (Anchor Bay, FremantleMedia, Metrodome and more)
To explore the interviewee’s role, personality, ambitions and stories to uncover fresh insight into the subject to create engaging interviews.
* note – apologies for poor quality resulting from multiple transcoding processes.
Producer, Researcher, Sound, Lights, Camera, Interviewer, Editor

Online Video Content

Fly Tying – The Reverse Parachute
Create a simple ‘How To…’ video for an online feature and newletter article to help promote FlyFishMap.com.
Co-Producer, Cameraman, Editing
HDV Filming, Lighting, Final Cut Pro

Video Content Creation

Bringing Fanny Hill to Life (BBC, FremantleMedia)
To create compelling content for literary and film fans by dealing with the ‘obvious’ questions but also by being specific to the production and the interviewees career histories.  All this whilst working on-set and fitting into the tight windows of opportunity available.
Produce, Film, Edit a “making-off” featurette and deliver a completed DVD.
Producer, Director, Researcher, Interviewer, Editor.

Holiday Rental Websites

Grand Arbois
Create an engaging website to showcase not only the apartments but also Les Arcs as a wonderful summer and winter destination. Focus on Les Arcs and the location of the aprtments as the actual apartments are fairly basic. Build a simple website with apartment details, photographs (client supplied), all possible local information (weblinks – to weather, ski-passes, restaurants etc), travel directions and a booking calendar using Google Calendar.
Web Development, Design, Project Management,
WordPress, Photoshop, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Youtube


Various – see above
Brand Interpretor, Designer.
Pencil & Paper, Photoshop, Illustrator
“Branding is a methodical influence on the creation of beliefs in the consumer’s mind.” – Dan Herman. To start this process we first establish a feel for the business objectives, the target audience, and the tone of the company / social media message. We then determine a color pallet, fonts and logos (to fit square and landscape formats as required by online vs print media) to bring the brand identity to life.

Small Business Websites

Susanne’s Beauty Clinics
To build an easy to use online presence for a predominantly female and sometimes elderly audience. The ability to book treatments and buy beauty products online in an uncluttered and user friendly manner is central to the sucess of this project.
Web Development, Design, Project Management
WordPress, CSS, Photoshop

Print Design

Blink Collective
To create a gift voucher that conveys the adventurous spirit of the ‘Blink’ brand, whilst informing the receipent of the necessary information to redeem the voucher.
Photoshop, Illustrator, Creative Thinking

Corporate Websites

Campbell Nash and IA Cubed
Create a website with all information available in tabs on the homepage. This means content is available quickly without the need to re-load any pages. The result is a site that delivers clear presentation of content whilst offering a fast browsing experience; ideal for the target audience (busy / corporate directors) and those using mobile internet access.
Developer, Designer
WordPress, CSS, Photoshop

Budget Websites

Adventure Media School
Create a simple website structure to let the content do the talking. This is a new business concept and one that people may take some time to grasp. Having an uncluttered site helps to maintain focus. We also created the above video to highlight skills that can be gained from the course.
Web Developer, Designer, Cameraman, Video Editor
WordPress, CSS, Photoshop, Sony A1, Final Cut Pro

Social Media

My Friends Hotel
Raise awareness of the website, drive engagement and maximise share-ability. Filmed using a webcam and given a 70’s vibe for continuity of feel.
Social Media Guru (2009-2011)
Strategy, Bloging, Twitter (2500+ followers at peak), Facebook, YouTube