Packaging Design

5 Item Product Range for Molmo
Create a brand name, logo, design style and finished packaging in a very tight two day deadline. Design a ‘standout’ look whilst compromised by not having the product or photographs to work with.
Concept, Design
Illustrator, Photoshop, Felt Tip Pens!

Filmed Interviews

Various – Interview mash-up / Rude Boy (Anchor Bay, FremantleMedia, Metrodome and more)
To explore the interviewee’s role, personality, ambitions and stories to uncover fresh insight into the subject to create engaging interviews.
* note – apologies for poor quality resulting from multiple transcoding processes.
Producer, Researcher, Sound, Lights, Camera, Interviewer, Editor

Online Video Content

Fly Tying – The Reverse Parachute
Create a simple ‘How To…’ video for an online feature and newletter article to help promote
Co-Producer, Cameraman, Editing
HDV Filming, Lighting, Final Cut Pro

Video Content Creation

Bringing Fanny Hill to Life (BBC, FremantleMedia)
To create compelling content for literary and film fans by dealing with the ‘obvious’ questions but also by being specific to the production and the interviewees career histories.  All this whilst working on-set and fitting into the tight windows of opportunity available.
Produce, Film, Edit a “making-off” featurette and deliver a completed DVD.
Producer, Director, Researcher, Interviewer, Editor.